August Favorites!

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Not too many new favorites this month but I have some good stuff to share!  I can’t believe its already September.  I’ll be 21 this month so I really don’t mind 😉  I’m back and settled into school so I’ll do a better job at finding new products too share this month. I feel like theres SO much new makeup and beauty coming out and I don’t need any but I’m like I’ll have one of each please and thank you.
St. Tropez gradual face moisturizer. I love this moisturizer and the fact that it keeps my face tan, moisturized and soft. Obsessed.  I have sensitive/dry skin and have had no problems with this!  The only thing is the fake tan, wet cracker smell. I find that it goes away a little after applying but its not one of those products that’ll make you be like wow this smells amazing. I got this at TJ maxxs so go check yours!
Drunk Elephant TLC framboos. This stuff is the shit. It has completely transformed my skin texture and now it’s so much softer and smooth! It helps keep acne at bay which I’m always for.  My skin is a little wonky rn after moving to school but using this will help it.  I just need to do a good mask and to stop picking my face.  I love this product because I put it on and I know its always gonna make whatever current situation I have going on on my face better. I will 1000000% buy the full size when I’m done.
Verb Dry Shampoo.  This reminds me of the Bumble and Bumble pret a powder.  This stuff is way cheaper and more fine in texture.  I really like it for dry shampoo at the roots because it doesn’t give my hair a glossy texture.  It also gives great lift! I do notice build up so I do try to only apply what I need.  The applicator will spurt out tons of product so I try to manage that carefully!
Mac oh darling skin finish.  I love this highlighter! It’s a gorgeous gold that can be more subtle or built up to an intense glow. I love how it looks on tan cheek bones.  I apply some to my face, spray my face with setting spray then dab on a hint more and its soo pretty.  The formula of this is great and it will last.
Bite Beauty lip in cream. This is the perfect nude lip. It’s such a good skin color like were talking NUDE lip. Not nude brown or nude pink. NUDE. I LOVE it. The formula is so creamy and easy and great for sensitive skin friends! I think this color is actually discontinued but bite beauty has tons of similar nudes! I got this at TJ maxxs! 😉


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