Can't have a liquid lip without…

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HI guys!  Sorry I’ve been a little spotty with blog posts and on instagram. I was traveling back to school, getting all the stuff for my dorm and moving in…um moving in sucks…especially when you have as much makeup and clothes/shoes as me. lololol.  I shipped my car to school (in MA) from Los Angeles and the truck it was on broke down so I drive to Rhode Island to get it and they take the car off the bed and it is dented in the front! It hit the car in front of it during the drive so the dents aren’t huge but some paint is missing. I was honestly SO visible frown on my face the whole way back but it’s going off to get fixed and it will be ok! Some times you have to just take a deep breath and remind yourself of that!  A hectic few days and a few bumps in the road but all is good! 🙂
I’m curious to see how I can keep up with my blog at school.  My best friend blogs too so we take each others outfit pictures! Its so nice to have someone to share ideas and rave about beauty products with! I feel like more beauty posts will be coming your way because they are easier for me to do while keeping up with the quality of content I strive for. I also look like a bum to class some days and while I feel like it’s important to show the cute and the bummy so days it’s just not in the cards! I strive for bummy cute so I hope to share that with you!
As for todays post…. anyone who loves lipsticks, stains and liquid lips needs a lip scrub in their life!  Kylie lip kits can look thick on the lips, get flakey and will stick to dry skin like NO other. A good lip scrub gets rid of the dead skin for a flawless and smooth application.  I love the Jeffree Star one and it is so good you can eat it!  I don’t wear too much liquid lipsticks but I love the Koko Kylie collection! I have doll and baby girl and both are statement orange and coral shades so smooth lips are a MUST have for these lippies.  And even if you don’t wear lipstick everything looks better with smooth lips!
I love the Jeffree Star lip scrub… I’ve heard amazing things about the Fresh ones and you can DIY one with coconut oil and sugar!  Just rub on your lips and wipe off with a towel.  I follow with lip balm so they aren’t too sore!


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