T-shirts that make life easier…

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My favorite style is when I have trendy classics… sounds like an oxymoron but something current but also something classic that I can enjoy for a while. Think a basic black bandeau bodysuit.  Bodysuits are trendy but the idea is a classic.  I like when I have a statement piece to my outfit so I can simplify the rest because if you haven’t seen already I like keeping things simple!  And lastly I like when my outfit has edgier, sportier vibes.  I always consider my style to be more edgy and sporty then girly or preppy.  I don’t wear much color, definitely NO florals. I don’t own any, actually.
I strive for classic with sporty and edge. I like this outfit I’m wearing a lot but I wouldn’t say I’m sporty or edgy so then I wonder if it’s my style? But I feel like it is and I really like it. The shirt is the statement of the outfit.. it’s a basic, EASY t-shirt with the knotted, scrunch sort of look that elevates the t-shirt. It’s super flattering and so easy to pair with anything. Then I have my favorite cut offs that I wear the shit out of paired with my Olive and June pedicure sandals that I’m obsessed with.  I’m very picky about flat sandals and these aren’t too girl or proper. This look isn’t sporty but it’s not preppy either. I have said it before I have a hard time defining my style but I would say this is a section of my style.
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Shirt / UO shorts / Olive and June sandals 

I love navy with a tan and this blonde hair! Living for it.  I always really wear black or grey and for that I tend to stray from navy because it doesn’t really match either of the two. I love navy for nail polish, it’s 100% my go to (no shimmer whatsoever.) and I need to start wearing more of it, too!

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