The world of beauty box subscriptions!

Last year I discovered the world of monthly beauty subscriptions and I was HOOKED.  $10-$20 a month to be sent different beauty products to try that would retail for more then what I paid for the box? SIGN ME UP. I love beauty products and I LOVE getting packages so I’m the perfect consumer for it!  So far I’ve tried Sephora play! Ipsy and Boxycharm.  Glossybox and Birchbox are the 2 that I’ve yet to try but for the most part, these are the key 5 beauty boxes that have the most popularity.  Allure beauty box is also a new one that is getting more popular. I have tried it!
Sephora Play!
-This is Sephora’s monthly box that will retail for $10. You’ll receive 5 sample products and 1 sample perfume. All brands sold at Sephora.
I received this box for about 5 months before canceling my subscription.  Mostly the boxes I received were ok.  I was lucky if I would like 1 product but I would often find that I would like the products in other boxes!  With Sephora play there is around 5 different box variations but all will have the same 1-2 main items.  You take a beauty quiz when you subscribe so the products should be tailored to your make up likes and skin needs but I didn’t really find that very effective.
-The one thing I loved about this box was that you got a pass for 50 extra bonus points at your next Sephora purchase.  I’ve racked up my points with these little guys but I felt the box wasn’t worth it if I only liked the 50 pt rewards.
-The box doesn’t really contain full sized items except for Verb hair products and some Living Proof products.  I’m bummed that I never got some Living Proof stuff! Sometimes Sephora will give spoilers.  Other months you won’t have a clue what’s in your box until you get it.  Compared to some other boxes, I feel like Sephora is just unorganized and not as high in value.

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August Ipsy with around a $34 value!

-Ipsy is $10 a month and you will receive 5 products along with a makeup bag.  I love that you get a makeup bag! Although I will say they’re small and can’t fit much.  Ipsy features samples and full size products.  I’ve received full sized lip sticks, blushes and eyeliners!
Ipsy also includes makeup brushes in their bags which I love because they’re usually pretty good quality.
-I’m so impressed with Ipsy and I think they give the best bang for your buck because you receive a bag and full sized products. You also get the chance to review your products for points to redeem full sized products.  They also have a cash back service for buying beauty products through their sight!
-Ipsy is extremely good at giving hints on your box and keeping you up to date with when it’s coming and what you’ll get.
-Good for those who love makeup or those who are looking to try out makeup and explore!
Birch Box.
– Another $10 deluxe 5 sample box.   I’ve never subscribed to Birchbox because i’ve just really liked Ipsy. It will probably be next on my list to try but I would say they’re very similar!
Birchbox allows you to pick a sample each month so you can control some of what you receive and it also does feature high end samples! You also get loyalty points back to go towards buying different beauty products.
-Good for those who love makeup or those who aren’t so familiar with makeup and want to try!
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Here’s my August Boxycharm. it has an over $100 value! Insane!

Boxycharm.  I am obsessed!
– For $21 a month you will receive 5 high end, full sized beauty products.  This month I received a Tarte Eyeshadow palette with a value of $36 so the palette alone makes the box worthwhile.  The box includes makeup brushes which is a big plus for me. I like the brands that Boxycharm features: Colourpop, Ofra and Makeup Geek so more online brands that are harder to get and try.
-great for those who love makeup and collect because within a few months you will be overrun with product! haha.
-There is a waitlist! I had no wait but I have heard some people have!
Glossybox. For $20 a month you will get 5 full sized, luxury products.  Very similar to Boxycharm. They also feature collab boxes with brands or bloggers as well as limited edition boxes!
-You can buy the box month by month with no waitlist.
Allure Beauty Box
Allure Beauty Box is $15 a month with $10 for your first box. You also get an eyeshadow palette when you subscribe. Each month you’ll receive 5 products chosen from the editors!
– Allure includes more boutiquey brands.  I got it for 2 months and I received lots of anti aging products so I would say its for more mature skin.  You don’t get to take a quiz to tailor the products you get so every box pretty much has the same stuff. is an awesome site that reviews each box and gives spoilers of what you will get in each box.  I love this website and its a great resource for navigating boxes and deciding which one is for you!


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