Green Silk Cami pt 3


unNsale Cami, similar that I love / UO Shorts / OTK Boots 

Here is my last post on the cami + cut -offs duo!  (Here’s how I styled the white and black one.) But not promising that this duo won’t be on the blog again. 😆 I love the way OTK boots just take an outfit to the next level.  They make a big impact so I like to keep them paired with simple outfits because then they make them not so simple.   I love this outfit for going out!  I would totally wear it and you don’t have to shave you legs with the boots. 😏 I really love the green color of this cami too. Definitely a good buy.
This picture is before I cut my hair! I have a few long haired pictures left. My hair looks deceptively good in the 1st picture but don’t be fooled it was bad. So bad I don’t even miss it.  I’m so happy I cut it because it feels so healthy and I honestly like styling a beachy, long bob.  Lastly, sorry this post is a tad late!  If you saw on instagram I was at the Dodger game last night and got back super late. I love the Dodgers and I rarely miss a game on TV when I’m home so I LOVE being able to go to the game and watch! It was such a good game last night and I honestly ate baseball food the whole time so it was a win, win. Literally! 😊


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