20+ best online shops for cute/trendy clothes!

I love online shopping!! Especially for big stores like Forever 21 and Topshop because navigating the store is overwhelming and they’re usually messy and crowded.   I much prefer lying in bed with the tv on and browsing! I mostly online shop for dresses, rompers and going out clothes like bodysuits.  Being in college, I wear these pieces on the weekends and I don’t always have to splurge on them because they’re trendy and aren’t pieces I’m going to reach for often. Here’s my list of go-tos; plentiful and overwhelming with options!
The one-stop shops: Buy jeans, t-shirts, bodysuits and date night dresses.
ASOS.  Asos has lots of good stuff to pick from. It’s overwhelming how much they have! They do student discounts that you sign up for with your school email. It’s currently 20% off and they have everything from going out clothes to job clothes!
River Island.  This British based brand has a good variety of trendy clothes that will cover all your bases! Similar to Topshop and Asos!
Topshop!  I love Topshop and if you’re not near one the website is great.  I prefer it!  It has a great variety of basic staples, festival clothes, dressier pieces and going out clothes that are always on trend. Great jeans! They have a 10% student discount if you show your ID.
Lulus. Cute, casual day time clothes!  They have their own brands and they carry stuff like Free People and Steve Madden.  Pay special attention to the accessories, they have great choices!
Forever 21.  I have to add this to the list! It’s consistently stocked with trendy, cheap clothes that work for a number of different occasions.  Every girl owns something from Forever 21!
Loveculture. Very similar to Forever 21. This website has super cute clothes for casual and going out situations! Check the sight for flash sales!
Nastygal. Great day to night options and statement pieces like furry coats or statement jackets.
When you go on the website you are greeted with a 50% off coupon and will have no trouble finding good stuff to use it on!
The party clothes: The go-to for bodysuits, body con and stuff that’ll make you look hot on the gram.
Pretty Little Thing.  This store is great for going out clothes! It’s super trendy and offers a great selection of bodysuits and bodycon dresses!  I describe it as the edgy, street, Kylie/Kim, Instagram, trendy sort of vibe.  Even if that isn’t what you like, they have a great selection of stuff that can work for a number of different styles!  They almost always have site wide sales. I’ve ordered from there and I was really impressed with what I got.  It just took a long time to get to me.
Missguided.  Again, this is a trendy shop with good going out clothes.  Think backless bodysuit or velvet mini dresses and matching sets. They frequently have 40-50% off site wide sales!
Necessary Clothing.  Sexy, trendy clothing.  Very similar to Pretty Little Thing and Missguided. This is on the more casual side. Think instagram outfits!
Fashionnova.  Ahh. This website is almost infamous. I’ve never ordered anything from here! It’s big on Instagram and they definitely nail very trendy, sexy, going out clothes. This store is what instagram baddie outfits are made of.
The almost too good to be true. 
Shein. This store remakes trendy, expensive clothes and sells them for super cheap.  I haven’t personally ordered anything from here but I’ve heard mixed reviews.  The clothes look like what you would find on the Revolve website.  Super cute and on trend but the quality is made in China knockoffs.   I recommend that if you buy something, stick to the items that are reviewed and backed up with pictures of the products from customers.
Romwe. Very similar to Shein.  Your first order is 60% off which is insane. Again it’s cheap knockoffs of expensive clothes that are made in China. Try to stick with reviewed items you’ve seen on the website, bloggers, Instagram, etc.  Either way it’ll be a hit or a miss!
Tobi.  Tobi sends out 50% off “your entire order” emails like it’s no one’s business.  The clothes are super cute, they get in new clothing a lot and you can find outfits to wear for everything from class to a party.
The Higher Fashion Picks. 
Princess Polly. The pieces here are trendy, unique and not what you’re going to find at every other online store.  Its Australian and a little bit more expensive then the other websites but Youtubers and bloggers have coupon codes for it that’ll bring the price down.  Legit every thing on the website is so cute. They have the best rompers, tops and dresses!
Zara. Great for high fashion picks and runway dupes! If you saw an Alexander Wang top that you must have but don’t have $600, look here. You’ll be happily surprised.
Pixie Market. This stuff is what you’re going to be seeing on fashion girls. They dupe designer goods.  Think Chloe-esque tops and chic vacation wear for under $100 that are still classic looking.
Shopbop. Great for high quality clothes from a number of different brands. They’re always getting new stuff, it’s on trend and it ships with Amazon Prime!!! 2 day delivery!
Revolve. An online store with an amazing selection of beautiful clothes for every occasion that you’re going to see on top bloggers and Instagram girls! Can’t go wrong here, ever.


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