The wrap top and a list.


Top / Levis / Shoes. 

1)  I love the feeling that you get when you love your outfit! hahaha.  I want to bottle up that confidence!
2) It is sooooo sooo sooo hot in LA.  Everyone freaks out when it gets past like uhh… 77 in LA.  ME INCLUDED. Today was 84 and thats on the westside near the water!!!!!   It’s just so still and hot and it makes me sticky! Sticking to lose dresses and sandals!
3) Dylan’s candy bar has mango and grapefruit gummy bears!! I love gummy bears but don’t even ask me how much I paid for them. Ok so I went and got $5 worth than they were so good I had to go back and buy $12 more.  Dang those mall candy stores… I’m so not going to share. 😏
OH MY GOD. You can buy 5 lbs on mango gummy bears on amazon for $14! 5 LBS!!! I’d be the type to get sick of them like 2.3 lbs in.
4) I got Carls JR this weekend and I dropped it all on the ground while getting out of the car! 😂 I as dying, honestly.  It’s ok though because it was gross.
5) SO apparently dry shampoo can build up and clog the pores on your scalp and keep your hair from growing!  I told you I think my hair isn’t growing so I had to go get a clarifying shampoo  because I am the dry shampoo queen that keeps it on her bed side table and sprays before bed. :/ Clarifying shampoo just cleans the product build up in your hair. I got a Moroccan oil one that smells amazing.
6) I wore a dress and took it off at the end of the day to find the tags still attached. 😐
7) I’m so into makeup but I don’t even like to wear a lot of it. I was reading something about skincare being foundation and that is 100% how I feel! I want to get more into skincare so I just got some drunk elephant products and I’m so excited to see how it goes!  They’re supposed to be amazing and they’re super pricey but good skin is worth it in my opinion!
8) I’ve been using less heat on my hair in favor of wave spray!  I tried it yesterday and loved it so if I stick with it a blog post is soon on it’s way!
9) I walked into Barney’s NY at the Grove in LA and they totally look you up and down to see what you’re wearing before they greet you.  To see if you’re even worthy of a hello!  Love what’s in the store but thats so horrible! There’s a bunch of other stores that do that, too. Shame on them, everyone is worthy of a sincere hello.
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