Hating working out…


Lululemon top, leggings. Nike Sock darts. 

I have a love/hate relationship with working out.  Love the clothes. Mostly hate the workout part.  I’ll workout consistently for a week, love it.  Stop for a day, be done and back to hating it!  I’m currently on the hate it phase.  I want to be toned and in better shape honestly but I’m like uughhhhhhh the gym.  I just so don’t want to go and honestly its summer so I should be going! I feel like people only talk about when they love the gym and working out but what about when you don’t? When I have worked out it’s been the gym so maybe thats not the right answer anymore.  I’m trying really hard to motivate myself and to find a way to stay motivated.  I’m in no way good at this but this is what I’m trying!

  • Wearing cute workout clothes and sneakers.  I LOVE lululemon so more working out = more justified lulu purchases.
  • Touche LA workout sets. UGH I want to look good in one of these so bad.  They’re so cute and in LA girl just walk around in sports bras and brunch and look so cute and I want in on that.  I’d be happy with a cute instagram in one. (shameful… motivating?)
  • Starting small and working my way up.  Trying to workout 3 times a week and slowly adding more once I start to like it again.
  • Not always having to to workout at the gym.  Theres other ways that are just as good or better and I need to explore those ways.
  • Trying to eat better because I try harder when I eat better because duh I want it to count and make a difference, lol.
  • Continuing to try even when I don’t want too. Ahem like now.
  • Pushing myself to go even when I don’t want to because I will never regret it.
  • Following motivating accounts on instagram. Everyone is motivated by different things. I love the a bikini a day instagram.  Those girls look AMAZING in every picture and they work hard to be that way.

Well, well, well! Looks like I just motivated myself to go to the gym today! 😉  I’m just gonna keep trying and one day it’ll kick in. I hope.


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