New Glossier Goodies!!

I have been waiting for this package to come!!!  I finally got around to ordering some glossier goodies because honestly I’m so late to the party.  I really wanted the new birthday cake balm dot com so I just went for it and got that and the concealer.  I absolutely love the packaging!!!!  I ordered two things and got a bag and lots of stickers so I love that.  It’s all so aesthetically pleasing and of course its in the famous, glossier/millennial pink!
So far, love the balm dot com. I love the scent!  Its a vanilla cake flavor in a mature and cool sort of way.  Not lip smackers fake and plastic-y.
I tried the concealer on before showering.  I got the color medium and it’s too light for me. 🙁  After 5 minutes of applying it my face got really hot!  I went to wash it off my face and now I have red blotches in all the places I applied the concealer.  I’M SO BUMMED! I really wanted to give this concealer a good review but I honestly can’t even sorta.  I’ve only heard good things about it and I expected a lot so I’m really not sure what happened.  I want to try it again but I’m scared at the same time.  There is wax and oils in the concealer so it has an oily/ dewy texture.  I’m thinking maybe the waxes covered my pores and my skin couldn’t breathe so thats why my face started to get super hot.   I just put some fresh aloe from my aloe plant on it (which is amaze) so I hope that helps the redness!
Any glossier products you recommend?  I’m thinking boy brow and the cloud paint for my next purchases!  Also that sunscreen that doesn’t feel like sunscreen. Big fat yes.
On another note I made an instagram for my blog! I used my personal one before and was hesitant to post blog stuff on there so I made a separate one and I’m really excited to get that going!  It’s @blackberriesandsparkles 


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