Saving my hair!

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I have to preface this by saying I dye my hair often and I blow dry and use heat on it almost daily.  I love having my hair done; it’s like my security blanket and it makes me feel confident! I feel so sloppy when it’s not done.  My hair is a VERY dark brown that is close to black and it’s way too dark for me.  I dye my hair lighter because I love it and it’s much more flattering than my natural color.
Needless to say I am VERY hard on my hair.  I expect a lot from it and it shows.  I have some breakage pieces that I’m trying to grow back, I have split ends and my hair gets very dry.  I have to be careful with it but it’s getting better!  It may not be where I want it to be but I feel like I’m slowly getting there.  I used to have really thick and long hair when I was younger and didn’t dye it. I’m slowly trying to work my way back to it and this is how I’m doing it:
OLAPLEX freakin 3.  This stuff comes from the GODS.  If you dye your hair I recommend this with every bone in my body that you get olaplex!!  The whole treatment is around $25-$50 depending on the salon and it is literally worth every penny.  Your hair will feel healthier after it’s dyed. It’s insane.  Olaplex 3 is the last part of the treatment that they put on your hair after the shampoo.  I wet my hair and put this all through my hair before I go to sleep and I wrap it in a bun and sleep on it. (You have to sleep with it in your hair because you’ll get the most out of it.) I’ll wash my hair when I wake up and the difference is insane.  Your hair will be so much softer and way less dry.  AKA it will feel like healthy hair! 😄  It also tones your hair!! It’s just SO good.  I’m on my 4th bottle and I love it because it gives instantaneous results. The bottle is small so I get 3-4 uses from it.  Olaplex 3 is around $22-$25.  It’s not the cheapest thing in the world but its so worth it.  I buy mine on Amazon or Walmart. (They don’t sell it at Walmart, the Walmart website is oddly weird like you can buy Celine sunnies.) Just be careful on Amazon because after reading reviews some people got fake olaplex!
Living Proof fresh cut split end mender.  I was skeptical about this product at first because it sounded too good to be true. I can report back that it really does work!  I use it every time I was my hair and it makes it not only softer but gives life to your ends!  I can get some crazy split ends and this seals them up.  I want my hair to keep growing and I don’t want to cut it so if you’re in that boat this will save your ends so you don’t have to cut it.
Ouai Thin hair supplements.  I just finished my first month of vitamins. They recommend 3 months for results but after a month I can totally say I see a difference in my hair!  It’s stronger and it’s getting longer and looks fuller.  I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look after the next 2 months!  The supplements come in thin, dry and oily.  They have a quiz on the website that recommends which ones are best for your hair.  My hair isn’t thinning.  It feels thinner because I had some breakage from heat/ crazy sleeping.  Those little pieces that stick out are so pesky so I really want to grow those.  I think this will help me get there!
Silky / satin pillow sheets!!!!!!!!!! I’m a psycho sleeper.  Like all over the place, pillows on the ground,  blankets twisted in the morning, sleeping sideways and CRAZY hair.  Whenever I wake up without sleeping on a silk/satin pillow case, I bet $100, the back of my hair is full of tangles and is in a poof at the top of my head.  It resembles a nest.  So when I go to brush the mess a ton falls out and it breaks.  I don’t know if this is a me thing.   High maintenance (!!!!) but silky or satin pillow cases are a game changer. I have satin ones that feel silky. Those work great.  They’re smooth on your hair and don’t cause friction like cotton pillow cases so when I wake up I don’t have tangles and my hair is smooth and tamed. My breakage is in the back of my hair and since switching to my silky / satin pillow case I have had no breakage.  Crazy but it works.
Dying your hair.  I used to dye my hair around 4 times a year.  I can honestly say I will be dying my hair for the rest of my life.  I love being full blonde but it’s so high maintenance and damaging.  Especially since my hair is so dark: I get the skunk line at like 4 weeks.  The hair I have now is perfect for me because it’s still blonde but its grown out highlights so when it grows out it looks like thats the way it’s supposed to be.  I have the dirty blonde with the lighter brown/blonde /grown out highlight/ darker roots looking hair that a bunch of other girls in LA have. hahahah.  It’s so in because it looks amazing and its low maintenance.  Personally, I don’t mind having dark roots if it grows in nicely. This style with the grown out highlights / balayage / painted  look allows you to get your hair done every 6 months or longer while still looking awesome.  The less you dye your hair the better.  ***If you click on the ‘outfits’ tab to the right you can see the progression of my hair and how it’s grown. The last time I got my hair done was the beginning of March.
Use heat protectant!  I like the bumble and bumble hair primer.  I’m not sure how much it helps but I like it.  Heat protectant is your friend.
Take days off of heat if you can.  I’m home for the summer so since I’m mostly chilling I don’t do my hair as much and I give it a chance to air dry. I honestly hate it but it makes a difference.  I put it up in a loose bun.  Nothing too tight!
Try to cut down the amount of times you wash your hair during the week.  It really dries it out.  It may feel gross at first, I know the feeling but its mostly psychological.  I go 3-4 days between washes and it has really helped my hair’s health. The ultimate trick is apply dry shampoo all over BEFORE you go to bed.  You want to combat the oil before its there, not get rid of it once you have it. This will fix that and when you wake up your hair will feel fresh which will make you feel like its cleaner.
What are your hair tips?  Its a marathon to healthy hair, not a sprint! 😝


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