How to Athleisure


Adidas sweatshirt/ lululemon high time / Vans Old Skool

I said it before and I’ll say it again, athleisure is my most favorite trend and it’s gonna take a lot for something else to come along and take it’s place.  I love wearing sneakers and cool sweatshirts and I love how simple and easy it is. HERE’s how to get it!
A cool sort of sweatshirt.  Whether it be streetwear or an athletic brand like Nike or Adidas it should be more of a lifestyle piece rather than a go work out at the gym sort of piece.  Bomber jackets work well, too.
Leggings!  I love lululemon leggings.  I own a bunch and I love how smooth they make you look! I also really like how the adidas stripe leggings look but when worn, everything else needs to be simplified! (I have worn those here, with this same sweatshirt in front of the same wall!)
Sneakers!  There is so many options.  I feel like the old skool Vans are replacing Stan Smith adidas which were a really popular shoe in the fashion/street style world that was foolproof and went with everything.   Those shoes are a classic but these Vans are popping up everywhere and having that similar affect.  I also really like the Nike Cortez revival happening RN.  I had a pink pair in second grade and I’m so excited to have them back 12 years later.


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