Kylie x Koko Doll / get the look!!

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I saw this new Kylie x Koko lip color on my instagram feed and I was OBSESSED.  I have a rule that I don’t wear red/bright lipstick because its funky on me and I find that nude/pinks just looks better on me but this right here is going to completely break that rule!  This is the prettiest color lip I’ve ever seen, it’s from the Kylie x Khloe collection and it’s called ‘Doll.’  It’s not straight orange or red and I feel like with a tan this can be super complimenting on so many skin tones! It’s so pretty.
This is another picture of the lipstick.  It looks more orange here and I like the first picture better.  The liquid lip comes in a set of 4 and I don’t wear liquid lipstick and I didn’t love the other colors in the set so I didn’t think it was worth it if I only wanted this color.
Until it comes out in the singles, I’ve rounded up some orange/red lippies and google swatches to help get the look!
Stila – Carina.   Here is swatches from google. This color, like the Kylie one looks more red in some pictures and more orange in others.
Sephora cream lip – Mandarin muse.  I think this one is closer to the 2nd pic.
Kat Von D – Malice.  I think this is more like the first picture.
Smashbox – Thrill Seeker. Very similar to the sephora lip cream!
Nars – Geraldine and Lana.  Geraldine is a deep, bright orange. Lana is more orange and red. 
Bobbi Brown – Atomic orange. Super pretty deep orange and a satin finish!
Mac – So Chaud. This is super pretty and closer to the red/orange color in the 1st picture. I love this.
NYX – Indie Flick.  More orange.
L’oreal- Volcanic. A deep orange. 
Colourpop – Jacquard. Satin lip with a softer red/orange color.
NYX – Orange county. GREAT lip kit dupe. Comes with a lip liner.  very similar to second pic and a great drugstore dupe!
pics from @kyliecosmetics!



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