So the Ouai foam dry shampoo…

Photo via into the gloss. 
Not a lot of beauty products peaked my interest quite like the Ouai Foam Dry Shampoo!  Dry shampoo foam with no white cast plus all the amazing reviews I had read about it on Instagram? It sounded like this dry shampoo was a dream and I expected it to be my new obsession and hair saver. Totally fair to say I went in with high expectations. The first time I tried it I wanted to like it so badly that I actually ignored the way it made my hair feel. My hair looked decent in the front, I didn’t experience the influx of volume like I had heard others had and my hair felt greasy and wet as if I applied too much product.  It obviously wasn’t working but I figured I did it wrong and would try again later. I went online and watched some videos on how-to use the product only to discover I was using it the way you were supposed too!  Yet still determined to make this product work for me because one its so cool and two it works for everyone else! Come time to try it again and to no surprise the end result is greasy, wet looking hair. I wish I could say it took me two times to realize this shampoo didn’t work but it wasn’t till the 4th try when I threw in the towel. Or may I say picked up the towel because each time I used it I had to wash my hair again.
I tried SO hard to love this dry shampoo! After using it the first time it became extremely clear that this product did not work for me.  I ended up returning it to Sephora because there was no way I was going to use it again.  Every time I see an “it” girl on Instagram raving about the product, I feel like it has to be because they’re friends with Jen Atkin!  I don’t understand how people love this product when all it did was ruin my hair. The reviews on Sephora aren’t great either so I have some company. I get the highs and lows with beauty products among people but this is an extreme high and low.  The Ouai Memory Mist has worked really well for me along with the Smoothing Spray. I love both but the foam dry shampoo? We have not crossed paths since!


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