A better Too Faced mascara dupe..

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GUYS!!!! I’m so excited to share this with you!!

I’m a huge fan of the Too Faced Better than sex mascara. I want a mascara that gives volume and length and it certainly does.  The only problem I have with it is that my lashes fall flat about after an hour of applying it.  My lashes never stay curled so I just went with it. Still love the mascara and use(d) it daily!  This is so insane because you guys, I found a mascara thats a dupe/ better than the beloved Too Faced one: the L’oreal voluminous lash paradise.  Even the bottles look similar!  This mascara was released in the last month or so and I heard from a few difference sources that it was a dupe for the Better than Sex mascara so I went to like 4 different stores to find it and guys, it’s SO good!  This one keeps my lashes curled ALL day. It does everything the Better than Sex mascara does AND then some… and it’s like $9.

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This is the mascara on my lashes.  It’s AMAZING!  My lashes still look like that at the end of the day. I have tried both the waterproof and regular version of the mascara and both are amazing.

I’ve always tried to use a waterproof mascara because it is supposed to help lashes hold a curl better than a regular mascara.  I just despise the process of taking it off!  This regular version keeps my lashes curled all day and that is a dream!

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For reference, this is my lashes with the Too Faced mascara.  And as evidence of my cheetah robe I had just gotten ready and my lashes were already falling. 😦 No more of that!! A dupe is a product that usually mirrors another higher end product and I feel like the L’oreal Mascara is a dupe and then some.  I love it and I’m so obsessed with it. Definitely my new #1 mascara. Everyone needs to own it!

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