a Glamglow dupe!

So I got a glamglow mega illuminating moisturizer sample in one of my Sephora boxes and I used it and was in love! It’s a priming moisturizer with some light shimmer/sheen in it and I was shocked I never thought of something like it before.  I would use it before I applied my makeup and I loved the way it made my skin look!  The moisturizer is $50 and while I loved the product I knew I could find a cheaper version of it. $50 is a lot for a makeup primer!  I started brainstorming for ways to recreate it and the version I created is super spot on and 1/4 of the price!
To make my own version of the glamglow one I use a Trader Joes facial moisturizer which is $5.99 and Sephora highlight drops which are $14.  The glamglow retails at $49 for 1.7 oz while the Trader joes moisturizer is 6oz and you just add the illuminator in depending on your preference.  I hate math but bottomline mine is way cheaper and gives way more!!
I’m really happy with the way it turned out and it is super similar to the glamglow version!  The only difference is it’s not as thick which I like because it’s still hydrating and I more suited to wear under makeup  It also doesn’t have a smell which again is preference.  The glamglow smells like creamsicles which I like but its also a very specific and strong scent!

I mix it on the back of my hand! I use a dime size amount of moisturizer so I have enough for my face/neck.
Next apply a pump of the illuminating drops! About a pea size amount because gimme lots of shimmer!  This is preference!
Time to mix it together!
This is the glamglow version in the color nude glow.  My version looks pretty similar!
Volia! Here is the finished product on my hand! Glow with shimmer.
This product is all about preference.  You can use a different moisturizer, maybe one with SPF which I want to try next!  For highlight I like a lighter, gold color because I think that goes best with my skin. But you can try this with a lighter, icy highlighter, maybe a pink one or a bronzier one. It’s all preference.  If you have a container you can make a bigger amount and store it for faster use!
I’m super happy with how this turned out!  I like it better than the glamglow because I feel like this one is more dramatic and I like not having a smell.


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