How to be tan 24/7

This is the first time in my life that I’ve to find alternative ways to get tan!  I’ve lived in LA my whole life and when I needed a tan I just made effort to spend more time outside! It’s an entire different ball game on the east coast.  My first winter I embraced the pale which made me realize how much I hate it and how much better I look with a tan. So heres what I do:

  1. I got introduced to spray tans for the first time in my life last week and I’M obsessed.  As I’m typing this I’m 3 hours post spray tan #2. I love them and they are a literal 15 minute mood changer.  (I don’t use tanning beds because they are so bad for your skin.) I feel so good now!  If you can get one, do it!!!
  2. Before Spray tans I would use my St. Tropez tan which I LOVE.  I still use it / love it but if I get a spray tan than I’m all set.  I use the express tan because I like how dark I get and I feel like I can’t get that dark with the normal one.  I also go overnight with the express one and wash in the morning.  It works so well especially in a pinch and I know I can always count on it to work!
  3. I love bronzer to warm up the face.  I’ve been using my butter bronzer lately and I love it.  It has the slightest coconut vacation scent that makes me happy too.
  4. Dew the Hoola bronzer.  I got this as a sample at the benefit store and I would totally buy the full size.  So what I do is put a pump on my hand and use a wet beauty blender to apply it to my cheeks, forehead and nose.  Basically all the places I put powder bronzer.   Then I use a fluffy brush to apply bronzer over the same areas which sets it and blends it all in.  It sounds like a lot but it’s subtle and it makes you look naturally tan.  The butter bronzer and the dew the hoola itself are not extreme and I love the way they work together.  What I love about this is because it’s liquid it melts into the skin and just looks like you’re not wearing anything!
  5. I love my hoola bronzer.  I switch between this and the butter bronzer.  I find that this one for all over the face is more pigmented and just not as subtle as the butter bronzer.  It has more oomph.
  6. Colourpop highlighter in might be. (heres the swatch.) I really wanted a rose gold highlight and I figured this was it! Fair warning the swatch on the website is significantly lighter than the actually product. When I first opened it I was like whoa this is so dark its gonna have to be an eyeshadow. I was bummed! But stay with me because it blends so nicely that it can totally be a highlight for medium skin.  I use it as a blush topper/ color because it’s darker and this adds warmth to the face and ties in to the bronzed, tan look.  I LOVE doing it this way and it just makes the makeup routine easier.  I seriously recommend buying a darker highlight and using it for blush + highlight.  I love the results.



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