March Beauty Favorites!

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Another month goes by, another list of favorites I accumulated over the month. Here is where I say whoa! how is it April already?! but everyone says that so next and we’re just gonna dive in!
Mario Badescu aloe, cucumber and green tea face mist. I love this spray.  I used the rose water one before and they are very similar except for 1)  I like this smell so much better and 2) this is better for sensitive/red skin because the aloe concoction gives it a soothing affect.  I spray it before makeup, after and through out the day when I see it for a little refresher.  This isn’t going to keep your makeup in place all day like the Urban Decay setting spray. This is very subtle and low maintenance.  Its super hydrating and I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately and this spray makes my skin look nice.
ABH Nicole Guerriero glow kit. I love this highlighter palette but lemme tell you it is a very intense glow. Which is not bad!  But blinding highlight was such a strong 2016 trend and naturally at the moment I’m leaning towards the more subtle lit from within glow. This can be buffed out lightly with a beauty sponge which I like.  I always buff it out with sponge because the glitter can look a little chunky.. I prefer smooth.  It’s like peanut butter. hahaha.  I did a post about this glow kit, here.  I’ve been loving the bronze/gold colors because as of lately all I want to be is tan and glowy. This can be a little much for daytime but is PERFECT for the night time.  I still make it work for day time but just based on my vibes rn, I’ve been wearing it more at night. (how high maintenance was that?)  Some days I love it and some days I wear my other highlighters.  Love the formulation it is so creamy and extremely pigmented.  These are super pretty eyeshadows too!
Flowerbob hair perfume! I have been on the lookout for a hair perfume for a while. I love the scent of flowerbomb I just ran out and never restocked. Nordstrom had a beauty sale earlier in the month and this was on sale for $40 and if you know flowerbomb you know thats SO cheap. SO now I always smell like flowerbomb in my hair and on my sweatshirts and I love it. It like envelopes the smell in near your face/neck. Best smell and great refresher for that day 3-4 hair.
Benefit Dandelion Highlighter. So while I was home for spring break, I found a benefit gift card in my room! I love benefit boxed powders and mascara. (I’m not an eyebrow girl at all.)  I saw the new highlighter they just came out with so me being a highlighter connoisseur had to drive to the Benefit store in Santa Monica (and parallel park) in the traffic on a nice day.  If you know this then you know what I mean and it’s brutal…. Honestly, this isn’t very pigmented! You have to dig your brush in to get some product BUT I love this highlighter.  Its a nude pink color and it is that subtle lit from within glow.  sheen! Depending on how much product you use it can go from a setting powder to highlighter. I swirl my brush in it for a while which is totally fine to me. Then you can build it up to the way you want it to be.  It can also be more intense when applied with a brush sprayed with setting spray. I use this for day to day and I’m in love with the subtle, natural glow it gives.
Benefit Hoola bronzer. See, I told you I love benefit boxed powders. So this one! I’ve had it for a while and used it to contour. I also like it in the crease for eyeshadow looks. As of lately I’ve been wearing bronzer to be tan not contour and I’m obsessed.  Like borderline may even like it better than highlighter and that says SO MUCH. After consistently using this for a month I have hit pan!  I love the color of this bronzer.  It gives me a great tan without looking dirty.  The shade is perfect because its not orange but still adds warmth to the skin. This is a staple!


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