The insta-famous silicone, beauty sponge…

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So on a snowday a few weeks ago, me being the professional, lil, online shopper that I am was experiencing some cabin fever and went finger crazy on amazon prime buying shit I don’t need to own! (after you read this you won’t need to either.)  I live in a dorm and share a bathroom and when I get up in the morning (I’m a horrible waker upper first off) I always forget to bring my beauty blender to wet it when I go to brush my teeth first which leads me to walk back to my room give a little huff and walk back to the bathroom with my beauty blender. Such an inconvenience, I KNOW!  So I thought this little silicone spongey would be my saving grace.  No.
The one thing about this sponge is you barely have to use any product because it doesn’t sink into the sponge!  This will save you a lot of product.
It’s fun to squeeze/play with.
There is NO BLENDING whatsoever.  It sort of just smears product and sits on top of your skin. This does not look nice, at all.
Stupid me thought this was save my mornings. Well, I realized I use my beauty blender for everything.  You can only use this for liquid foundation/ base and liquid concealer.  No applying powder, no buffing out highlight, no using it to blend out blush. You can’t use this with anything thats a powder. Nada.  So either way if I use this I still need my beauty blender.
It stinks. I have the best sense of smell, like shut up Reece its fine. No, it smells like silicone and its next to my nose.
I wouldn’t suggest this sponge.  I was excited to try it mostly because I thought I wouldn’t need a beauty blender. But since I use my beauty blender for everything…powders..and this will NOT work for that.  And this just doesn’t apply makeup nicely. It doesn’t blend is spreads and smears.  Picture bread with sorta cold butter, that look!  So no, the insta-famous silicone spongey did not save my morning routine. And no, don’t buy it.



  1. March 31, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Aww too bad it wasn’t that great! I love my actual Beauty Blender though! Makes it so easy
    Enclothed Cognition

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