The creation of a makeup bag

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I’ve experienced with a lot of different makeup to truly find what I love.  I’ve tried different foundations, baking, highlight and contouring because honestly, I will always try a trend once!  And mostly its a few times to see if I like it. I don’t like caked on makeup and I have pictures I can just look back on at cringe at because I tried really hard to like that! (ahem, baking and flash photography)  I find that I always come back to more natural and fresh makeup.  I call it my more face less base makeup!  I don’t know if it comes from growing up in LA where its so casual and not a lot of makeup and more skin but I don’t like heavy makeup!  I think it photographs well because I see beautiful makeup on youtube and instagram but its in person where it stands out.  Sometimes I feel like I’m cakey even with the sheerest BB creams!   I think wearing a lot of makeup is almost a trend at the moment and I tried it and I know it’s just not for me and thats ok.  I’ve learned always go simple and that’s how I keep my makeup light and how I like it.
So if you made it through that paragraph and you like natural makeup and are in need of creating your makeup bag or of products that are simple and natural… KEEEP READING!!!!
I’ve tried to include both drugstore or drugstore price range and high quality options!
For concealer, I love, love, love the NARs creamy concealer.  Best concealer and the coverage is great.  I use the color Custard. For BB cream I love the It cosmetics one!  It’s very sheer and lightweight but gives good coverage.  I think it may actually be a CC cream but they’re very similar.  I have the illuminating one with flecks of glitter and you can totally get away with putting on the BB cream and just going because it makes your skin glow!
The Maybelline instant age rewind eye concealer is a great drugstore concealer! I love it! I use it under my eyes and all over my face where it is needed.  I rotate between this and the Nars concealer.
When I go out is when I tend to use a heavier base and just wear more makeup overall.  (its fun!) Usually thats the It Cosmetic CC cream or the Maybelline fit me foundation!  This is a really great foundation and its cheap!  It can get full coverage so I try to be sparse with my application.   The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation is AMAZE! It feels so light but has very full coverage.  Options, here people!
I got my Laura Mercier powder in a kit I got from Sephora and it will last me for forever.  It works very well!  My tip is to get the travel version if you’re not going to use a lot because it’s cheaper and will last forever. Its the one I have!  I apply it with a wet beauty blender and blend out with a brush to remove the excess.  If you don’t want to wear foundation/ base, concealer and powder is a great way to avoid that.
I love the Rimmel Stay Matte Setting powder in translucent.  This is a pressed powder and for me, while I love the Laura Mercier powder, loose powder is very messy and I find myself using more then I need.  This powder doesn’t flash back and does a great job at setting my concealer without looking cakey!  It’s matte but you can add highlighter to make it dewy. I also wouldn’t say it’s extremely matte.  Its around $5 and a must have!
I love my Benefit Hoola!  This can work for contour if you like that.  If you’re new with makeup, skip it.  You can bronze the cheekbones with this bronzer and a big, fluffy brush.  This is a great classic to have in your makeup bag and it works for a number of different skin tones.
The Physican’s formula Butter bronzer is amazing!  It has a coconut smell that is reminiscent of a tropical vacation!  (If you don’t like scents, you may not like this.)  I love this bronzer and it’s an almost cream like powder consistency that blends out super nicely on the face.  I use the bronzer shade. It’s not quite drugstore pricing, around $14 but it’s at Ulta/Target/CVS and usually on sale!
The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil matte bronzer is another great option.  Smells like chocolate which I love, personally.  It blends super nicely and comes in a a few shades.
TIP: Bronzer works as a great matte eyeshadow transition shade.
I think the Tarte cheek stains are so easy to use!!! I have one in Glisten which is a dupe for Nars orgasm.  If you’re new use this: its so easy and blends extremely well with a sponge.  I think the benefit boxed powders are all great.  I own 4 and have hit pan on all of them.  The Sephora brand blushes are very pretty and are great options.
The Tarte 12 hour amazonian clay blushes are great!  I love matte ones and they add great color to the cheeks.  I go for the nude colors.
The NYX whipped lip and cheek stains make a great creme blush!  (Creme blushes are great for natural makeup.) They look scary at first but I promise they blend out pretty sheer and very easily.  I love to dab some on my lip to bring the look together. These are matte and not super pigmented which is why they work for lip/ cheek but don’t discredit them because they really are great and easy to use!  They’re tiny and good to keep in your purse for touchups throughout the day.  They’re $5 and extremely worth it in my opinion!  I have this nude color and I love it.
Colourpop has great palettes that include blush and highlight.
The best part, the cherry on top, MY FAVORITE PART. I love highlighter so much! Ahh, first and foremost, Becca highlighters are the best highlighter in my opinion.  The first highlighter I ever got was the Becca set with the mini pressed and liquid highlighter.  I recommend this with every bone in my body.  Any Becca highlighter is great.
I love the new Anastasia Glow kit, though I would stray away from the past ones as I heard they’re chalky.  I love this flower highlight stick. Great drug store find. The elf baked highlighters  are around $4 and while I find them powdery, they are great for the price and will give you a good glow.
This new Maybelline Master chrome highlight is one of the best drugstore highlighters.  It’s around $10.  It comes in a gold shade which I would say would work for light/medium skin tones and onward. Not pale.  The texture of this product is a buttery powder.  It’s super pigmented and wears super nicely on the skin.
The Makeup Revolution highlighters are so good and extremely pigmented.  There is different shades for more skin tones.  They’re about $7. I have Golden Goddess and I’m obsessed with it!
Maybelline and makeup revolution highlights watched and talked about more, here! 🙂
T oo FacedBetter than Sex mascara is so good.  I also like the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes. 
I absolutely love the new L’oreal Lash Paradise mascara and use it daily! I find it does everything the Too faced Better than Sex mascara does and more. This is drugstore and around $8.
I compared both mascaras, here.
Hands down, the Kat von D tattoo liner for cat eyes. I have very oily eyelids and this paired with a eyeshadow base is indestructible.  The Marc Jacobs eyeliners are also great. I have them in black and brown and they smudge right after application or can be left and won’t smudge.
I don’t fill in my brows because they are VERY thick and doing so freaks me out hahaha. I’ve used the benefit brow products and can say good things about all of them. I’ve heard glossier boy brow is insanely good, too.
Eyeshadow is so much fun.  I only wear it when I go out but I love buying it!!!!  The TwoFaced eyeshadow palettes are a great bet.  I love my Natural Love palette which is great for a neutral lover and has everything!   The naked palettes are a great option. They offer matte and shimmer shades, are great quality and they come with an awesome brush.
Colourpop has GREAT eyeshadows and I love the buttery texture.  They’re cheap and great quality. They have singles and palettes.  For eyeshadow you’ll most likely want matte shades and some shimmery ones.  Colourpop has great versions of both.
I have a Morphe palette that I LOVE.  Although, I will say I have the palette with only shimmer shadows so I can’t attest to the other ones.  Those are only $22 which is insane because the shadows are plentiful and really nice.
Eyeshadow sticks are super easy and can be blended on the eyelid with a finger.  You don’t need matte shades for this and its great for on the go or foolproof eyeshadow.
I love makeup sponges.  The beauty blender is great but so are the real techniques/ sponges at ulta. Just wet it before use! For brushes I used real techniques or ones I find at Tj Maxxs.  I don’t splurge on my brushes. I got a silicone sponge and I’m not a fan.  It does not blend the makeup onto your skin.  It just sits on top.
If you have oily eyelids or are wearing eyeshadow for a long period of time, the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer is amazing and will last you forever. I don’t really use face primers as I stay away from base.  I just moisturize my face.  For setting sprays again the Urban decay one for when I’m going out.  Heres a kit with both.  For everyday, I’m obsessed with the new Mario Badescu aloe spray. The rose water one works well too, I like the aloe better.
I love the Colourpop liquid lips!  I have a gloss that I love, too. Those are so cheap and so worth it.  I like the NYX liquid lip for the nude colors.   Kylie lip kits are fun but rival any other liquid lip honestly.  They’re all very drying.  I only wear lipstick for going out.  I like the NYX liners for day to day or under liquid lipstick.
I love the Grande Lips plumper and always wear it.  It makes your lips shiny and is not painful.  Sephora also has a plumping gloss for a cheaper price.
The Sephora brand gel lip liners are great and have a more satin finish which I LOVE.
I also love the Neutrogena color sticks which rival chubby sticks! And the clinique almost lipsticks in black honey and pink honey are glossy and sheer and universally flattering.  These are great day options and easy to apply/wear.
Nars Lip glosses are super nice and come in a bunch of colors.



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