lets talk about leggings!

Leggings are 10000000% pants.  If they fit well and aren’t see through when ya bend over, they are PANTS! I’m gonna own it, I wear them everyday… seriously. I feel like this is probably the only time in my life I can get away with doing that and you bet I’m going too.  Leggings can totally be fashionable.  Gym or not and Gigi Hadid is living, walking proof of that… of both ways! My two favorite ways for leggings is sporty, casual and dressy with boots. Theres so many ways you can make them look good and they come with the best, effortless vibes when done correctly.  Making leggings look good (whether you’re chic, dressy, sporty) is a testament to having good style.
For sporty casual, class outfits:  I normally do leggings and sweatshirt with cool sneakers. Or rainboots/uggs/snowboots when its hella cold.  I will suck it up and have cold ankles for cool sneakers.  Ten billion other girls wear leggings and sweatshirts but this is how I do it and I like how I do it. Always sporty and I’m really loving street style. I always keep nike with nike and adidas with adidas. I think mixing other brands can be a little more flexible but I don’t like to mix adidas and nike.  I usually choose ankle length leggings and I don’t think you always have to wear a long shirt to cover your ass. It depends on the look.  Tight leggings and tight shirt can rival gym clothes but it really depends on what you’re vibing with.
For dressier (casual) looks: I love wearing them with over the knee boots and a sweater/ cute top. Most of the time if its a longer sweater or cardigan it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing leggings.  I love leggings with a leather jacket/bomber. It’s honestly so in and it’s foolproof (almost) cool girl.  This can work in the sporty/casual or dressy way  depending on how you style it.
If I have leggings on they 99% most likely are lululemons.  I LOVE lululemons. They are never see through, (hahah except that one time a while ago, they’re gucci now.) they last a very long time and they always look nice/ don’t fade. My fave are the black ankle length with a high waist.  So for me, thats the high time pants or the align pants.  For everyday, I usually stick with black, I like grey/ navy too.  I have colored pairs that I lounge/workout in.  Orange is my happy pants.😃 Gap makes really great leggings that are high waisted and fit very similarly to the lulus for way cheaper. I have a grey pair I love!
So DON’T wear see through leggings and DO experiment and find the way you like to wear them. It’s endless and you can still look classy.


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