Allure Beauty Box pt.2

So if you remember my post last month about this box you’ll know that I was planning to cancel my subscription… well I forgot so here I am reaping the rewards of my blunder.
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John Frida in shower volume treatment.  I never really seek out volume for my hair but I don’t turn it down… haven’t tried this yet. Promise to report back if it’s stellar, will change your life and find you a man.
Londontown nail polish in bespoked and cuticle oil.  Both of these are full size and $16 each!  I tried the cuticle oil.  It’s basically just cuticle oil it smells like a smell I know but can’t name.  I have gels on my hands RN so I haven’t tried the polish.  It’s a pretty (though not my type) in a  pinky, opaque color.  The polish is vegan!  I think I would like this brand, I’m just not a pink nail polish person. They do however have a navy with NO shimmer waiting at my beck and call!
Secret cool waterlily deodorant. This deodorant smells soo, so good. I have used deodorant in a can for so long I forgot what this was like.  I think I like it better. I would buy the full size.
Derma E Vitamin C serum. I’ve used this on my face since I got the box.  Not too sure if it’s done anything. Its supposed to help reverse aging. Maybe a hint to young for that just yet. It’s supposed to help uneven skin texture so I will keep trying it to see if it helps with that.
Akar Ruby Lip tint.  I love this. Hands down my favorite thing in the box. I would purchase the full size!  It is a rosy colored lip balm with the silkiest texture.  I love the texture of this. It’s a gel like base that feels thin but is thick on your lips.  I hope that makes sense because it sounds like it doesn’t but it just is.
Verdict:  Honestly, I will be canceling my box after this month. It’s $15 and I got two products I can buy at Target… I may as well get the $7 target beauty box that comes with more stuff.  (I WANT IT.) Not going to lie, that miffed me.  In the past two boxes I’ve gotten anti-aging products so I think this box is targeted at a more mature audience.  I’m all for skin care and preventing aging early but I don’t think I’m at the point of needing reverse aging products. I wish there was a survey I could take to target products more to my liking and skin needs. I am grateful because I discovered the Grande lips plumper from this box last month and I absolutely LOVE that. I’m happy with this month’s lip tint and deodorant, too!


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