Sephora Play!

Guys, I’m a monthly box junkie now!!! I love these monthly beauty boxes, they are the best way to try new products.  I hoard beauty products too so this totally just feeds the madness…and I have a penchant for buying shit online. 😎
I got the March box first which happened to be the highlighter/glowy box and I can’t think of a better one to start off with because I want to own every highlighter/ glow all the time/ be overcome by it honestly.
I got the Benefit Watts up, its a cream highlighter and I’ve been feeling more natural/ glowy/ highlighters lately and this fits the bill.  I used it back when it first came out and I stopped for whatever reason so I’m excited to try it again.
Verb Ghost hair oil.  This could not have come at a better time because I was running out of my Bumble and Bumble invisible oil.  I just blow dried my hair and used this and it’s very similar to the bumble and bumble one.  I think I’m going to like this and it is substantial enough to last me a while and comes in a great bottle. Smell is a plus!
Glamglow illuminating moisturizer in nude glow.  I’m so excited to try this because I love glamglow products!  This just came out and its a glowy moisturizer/ makeup primer.  I heard it has a tint to it so I’m wondering if I can use it as a tinted moisturizer.  I want to go back to less base and more face makeup! Will report back on this. — I plan to use it in the morning when I do my makeup.. it smells amaze, guys.
Josie Maran Surreal skin balm.  I haven’t used this/heard of it before.  From the description it’s similar to the glamglow so a glowy moisturizer/makeup primer.  Will report back on this too.  — I just put some on my face and yes it is a glowy and it has a rich and creamy texture which will be great for my dry skin.
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. I already own like 3 of these so this wasn’t too exciting but this is a great primer for eyeshadow and eyeliner.  I have oily eyelids so I use this even when I’m just wearing eyeliner.
Atelier Cologne in California Clementine. This smells like my momma. 😍 She LOVES light, citrusy and fresh perfumes and this is the perfect fit.  Its oranges / clementines so it smells very fresh and clean. I really like it, too.
My box ended in 469 so this is the stuff I got.  If your box ends in a different number I know the stuff inside is a little different. One box got an Bobbi Brown eyeshadow and a Algenist highlighter so a little bummed I missed out on those but I do like the hair oil so I think its worth it because I own more eyeshadow and highlighter than a girl who wears it once a week needs. hahahaha.
Here is what the other boxes got. Jelly of the becca highlighter! ahhhhh


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