Eh the Canadian suit 


I love a double denim, Canadian suit!  It’s super easy and always in.  If I don’t know what to wear but still want to look ‘with it’ this is my go to!  These boots have been on repeat and I love the grey velvet because I can wear them with everything.  I’m pleasantly surprised with how comfortable these are!  They’re Steve Madden which usually always hurt my feet but so far so good. They’re 4 inches so if you’re heavy footed like me you’ll feel it in your toes if you walk a lot.  But that again is with any tall heel without a platform… Also hello fitbit. 😬 Homegirl walks in photos now because she needs her steps, hahahahahah. Jk but walking in photos is my new thing!


Bella Dahl shirt // Vintage Levis // Steve Madden booties (on sale now!)


I’m obsessed with these sunnies and annoyed because I left them at home. 😐 Also trying out the nude-taupe lip.  It’s actually hard to find the right color so I mix colors to avoid the grey, dead girl lip look.  Will share that in the near future!

In other news I have a snow day (bless u storm stella) so this weather ain’t too bad!  Woohooo silver lining. ☺️



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