The long line bikini….


I’m loving this warm, LA weather!!  I have a real tan and I love my fake tan but nothing beats the real thing.  Soaking this all up because it’s going to be snowing when I get back to school! (yyyyyyyy 😫)

I love a long line bikini! If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a bikini thats a little longer with a little bit more coverage like the one I’m wearing!  I’m not a bathing suit person but I love this style because it’s still flirty like a bikini, it’s different and it offers a tad bit more coverage!  I got this one from Victoria Secret a while ago since they don’t do swim anymore.   Here’s some good options!

Under $35: Here,  here, here and here. 

Under $75: here, here and here!

PS if you live in LA, Venice Beach has the BEST sunglasses stands.  These were $10!!!  I’m obsessed with anything oversized and mirrored so these are a dream. 😍

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