This glow…

So I gave my first impression of the new ABH glow kit here.  I’ve used it all week and heres what I think so far… The glow, I’m wearing in this picture, is very dreamy. 😍 The colors are great and I mix new ones every day.  Always with the white one because it makes it lighter.  The highlights don’t have the smoothest texture because they have some sparkly pieces in it. That is really the only downside at least for me personally because I like a smooth texture. I prefer the texture of the Laura Mercier/ Becca highlighters. They’re smoother and I find that they sit on my skin with a more flawless finish.  The NARS highlight palette was out at Sephora and it had the smoothest texture, legit butter but not a creamy highlight. More like nars blushes and I can’t stop thinking about it! Thats obsession for ya.


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