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I mentioned before that I had signed up for Allure’s monthly beauty box. I love trying new products and this is the perfect way to do so!  I got February’s box and overall I would say I was pretty pleased with what I got. It’s $10 the first month and $15 monthly after. I chose this box over birchbox/ipsy, etc because I wanted a box with high quality products from brands I have heard of before. I signed up for Play! by Sephora and I think these are both good options if you are looking for a monthly box under $20 with luxury brands!
In Feburary’s box I got:
Cargo color stick in champagne. This is a cream highlighter that I also talked about here.  I use it under powder highlighter which is a fool proof way to get that highlight/glow line on your cheekbone.  I’m a fan and I wear this daily!  It has a pink coloring to it and it gives my face a dewy look (without being greasy) when I wear it alone. It’s not the full size product but it’s substantial.  I don’t think I would go out and buy this but I’m happy I have it and use it a lot.
Grande Lips lip plumper. I LOVE this stuff. It’s a little sample and I’ve used it daily since I got the box 3 weeks ago and there still is half left. This gives my lips a glossy finish and I can definitely see a difference in the size of my lips after I apply this. I have very line-y lips and this takes care of that and helps my upper lip appear more visible because mine isn’t very big. This is so, so good under matte lipstick  because it makes your lips look plump (obvi) and I find that my lipstick just sits nicer on my lips when I use the plumper first. I hate when my matte lipstick looks crusty/line-y and this fixes that!  It stings a tiny bit honestly, sorta like the feeling you get after a few bites of hot salsa. I’m not sure if that makes sense, haha. It’s also weirdly hydrating!
This weird candle was in the box. Honestly, I haven’t used it because candles aren’t allowed in my dorm. Not really sure how that fits in with the box, too.
Beauty Counter mascara. This mascara is very lengthening! If you want a mascara that will make your lashes look much longer this is a great option. I like this but I prefer voluminous lashes so I always have to layer it with other mascara. I do like the base it creates because it does not clump. I have to say, I’m not a fan of the packaging/tube. The mascara itself looks like a pen and I was really surprised by how skinny it was. It does not feel substantial in your hand and I feel like it bends while I’m using it. I prefer a hardy mascara tube like the Benefit or Too faced ones.
Olay pro-retinol eye creme. I tried this for a week and I didn’t see anything change in my under eye area. On the other hand I’m only 20 so I think this is targeted at more mature skin.
First Aid beauty radiance pads: I love toner face pads like this. I have been so zitty lately 🙁 and I loathe the texture of my skin that is left behind after the zits are gone. These help even and smooth the texture of your skin while removing oils. My skin did feel smoother in the morning after using these the night before.  I like face pads like this a lot and these are a good contender.
Verdict. I liked the Cargo colorstick, First Aid face pads and the lip plumper a lot!  I use those daily, they aren’t something I would have bought on my own and I would repurchase the lip plumper and face pads. Happy I got introduced to them! The Beautycounter mascara is very lengthening and doesn’t clump. It’s just not as dramatic as I like my mascara to be.  I think my mom would love it along with the Olay eye cream.  Those will be going to her!  The candle is the weird odd man out.
Overall the February box was a success! I like what I got for the most part.  I saw a spoiler for the March box and it was meh. I’m glad because I canceled my Allure subscription when I got my Sephora one. I have high expectations for that one and March box is all about highlighter so it was waiting for me I think. 😇



  1. February 28, 2017 / 4:25 pm

    I have always wanted to sign up for this box … but never took the plunge. I agree with you on the BC mascara, I was actually bummed it didn’t work out for me. I am really trying to ‘clean up’ all of my products … so the hunt is still on for ‘more natural’ mascara.
    Monique Nicol || @monique_nicol

    • February 28, 2017 / 5:25 pm

      Ooh try the Clinique mascaras! Very natural. The benefit roller lash is a good one too. Good luck! 😊

  2. February 28, 2017 / 6:27 pm

    Ooo love the idea of toner pads. First Aid Beauty is one of my favorite brands when it comes to skin care! xx

  3. March 1, 2017 / 1:56 am

    This looks like such a great box!

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