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I’ve realized I like making lists so here we GO!

1. I go home Thursday and I am SOOOO excited.  I just want to eat animal style fries.

2. My jeans fit, the zipper falls, I promise! It’s bugging me in these pictures. 😡

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

3. Put highlighter on your shoulders when they are visible!  I did it and I love the results. It also looks so, so nice on collar bones.

4. I’ve bathed in my St. Tropez tan this weekend and I’m hooked. Tan and highlighted is the best duo.  I also slept in it without washing it off which is not what you’re supposed to do but I am hella pleased with the results. Will be breaking that rule again.

5. This bodysuit is from I will say it took a long time to come in but I’m really impressed with the quality! The website is like nasty gal but they do site wide sales often. There is ruching down the center of the bodysuit I so wish you could see!

6. I ordered the new ABH highlighter palette aka the highlighter I can’t stop talking about today on the Sephora app! PUMPED.

7. I put this outfit on then ate a boatload of mozzarella sticks and french fries so that was my Saturday night. 😎

8. I bought yellow aviators and those are absolutely going to be a thing! Calling the trend.

9. Glossier came out with blush with thee coolest launch ever….on the Oscars Red Carpet! Chrissy Teigen had it on and I’m buying whichever color she’s wearing. Adding that to the list of more stuff I need.

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