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This week is the highlighter week because I feel like that is all I can talk about. If you follow Kylie Jenner on snapchat than it is impossible not to now about kylighters!!! I want full credit for that because… I SOO called it 6 months ago. With a name like that the product practically creates itself. They come out on Tuesday the 28!

The swatches are super pretty.  I’ll try to get the two in the middle. Curious about the consistency of it. It looks more buttery then powdery, fingers crossed!  Need reviews on it before I commit.
This Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriro highlight palette comes out March 3 on the ABH website & on the Sephora website and hits stores on the 15th.  Jeffree Star just posted a video of swatches and his first impression and it got his seal of approval!  After watching his video I. am. shook!  Look at it, it’s so pretty. 😍  It’s only $40 and the colors are so nice and different! It’s still warm, rosy gold tones which I pick over and over again but I feel like these would be so so good mixed together!! The consistency of this palette is supposed to be much better than the last one they released, the ABH ultimate glow kit. Every youtube video I watched on it said it was chalky, too glittery for highlight and not worth it. I swatched it in Sephora and it was dry and chalky with not very good pigmentation. This one has a new formula with a buttery texture and at this point I’m like who do I give my $40 to have it RN?
Photos from my new obsession trend mood and kylie snapchat.


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