Morphe 35OS palette

This is the Morphe 35 OS eyeshadow palette!  This palette is my current eyeshadow obsession and if you love warm tone, rose gold eye shadows like me then you need to own this! This palette was $23 which is just insane for the quality and quantity of the eyeshadows. They have a buttery texture with good pigment and blend really well.   I’ve honestly only been using the rose gold shades in this palette and after swatching it there is so many good ones I have been missing out on! I’m excited to try new looks with this to get a more rose gold/bronzey look. Hopefully next time I do my eyeshadow I’ll remember to take a pic because I always forget.
First two rows of palette. palette is on its side, turn to the left. starting with the rows of 7 with the lighter colors. L-R.
loving the first two colors and end two.
obsessed with the first four.
Overall, this palette is a 9/10. I certainly recommend it, especially if you’re having a hard time finding a new palette. I know personally I haven’t seen one that I’ve loved in a while. The quality is really great, the color selection doesn’t get better then this and the shadows blend extremely well. This palette is all shimmer, if you want these colors with matte shades mixed in then the 35O is a good choice.



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