A weeks worth….

So I decided to take a pic everyday of the outfits I wore to classes! In hindsight I did not pick the best week because it was very cold and it snowed like 3 out of 5 days…I don’t get too be as creative when I have to bundle up.  College is the only time in my life where I can wear lulus and sweatshirts everyday and I will seize that for all it is worth!  And hello athleisure is the hottest trend RN.  I wear leggings everyday, they are very much pants.  I wear uggs and somedays I look like a bum. Ok here we go.
1/27 Wildfox sweater. Lululemon align pants. Nike Huaraches. I like when it’s in the 40s because then  I can be more creative and not dressed like a michelin tire mans!
1/30 Lululemon coat. Lululemon scuba hoodie. Lululemon high time leggings.  uggs. It was hella cold Monday, like 25 when I left for my first class. This is not my cutest look hhaha but I hate being cold.
1/31 I’m not even sure if I should share this.  USC hoodie. Lululemon wunder under leggings. Timbs. It snowed on Tuesday and I woke up sick. day 2 hair was no bueno. I like give up when my hair isn’t working.  This is a bummy day.
2/1 Hundreds hoodie. Lululemon align. Timbs. Snow again. This outfit gives me streetwear vibes.  I just came back to my room after being outside in the snow, hence the red faceeeee.
2/2 Nike hoodie. Lululemon all in the right places. (i like these they have pockets) Nike sock dart. I would regret this bare ankled decision after I walked outside because I froze. And it snowed again.
I’m thinking of doing this monthly with outfits I’m not a tad bit ashamed of. We’ll see.


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