Perfume steals!

I love perfume and I like to have lots to choose from!  I like to have different scents depending on my mood and what I have planned that day. Generally, if I’m just going to class, I’ll use a lighter scent.  I like to layer a few light ones on top of each other.  For my lighter perfumes, I love looking at Zara, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.  They’re my perfume guilty pleasure spots!  They have perfumes under $30 that smell like high quality fragrance. Bath and Body Works is fun and I love the ones I own, but their scents remind me of shower gels and high school.  These perfumes are easily a step up and are a more mature choice.  They’re easy to travel with because they’re smaller and easier to pack so I don’t find myself worrying about them breaking in my bag. I also like to give them as gifts!
If you like boutique-y scents that are flowery, fruity and fresh, Anthropologie is your place to go.  I like this vanilla one in the picture because I’ve been wanting a sweet perfume that is a mature sweet.  Not a 6th grade Pink sugar sorta smell because I’ve been there and I’m good with not going back. hahah.  My picks are; this one I just got – its like an exotic orange smell and I dig it and the vanille which smells like vanilla extract, shocker. Both are under $25!
So Zara perfumes are great but the hard part is, they are not sold online.  You have to go to the store and smell them!  Normally it’s in a section near the cashiers with the scarves and other accessories.   My favorite is Oriental and this Red Vanilla and I have like 3 others.  These perfumes smell like designer perfume all with a warm, musky and woody scent to them. The flowery ones are grown up flowery, not overly sweet and high schoolish. Best of all, they’re only $10-$14 and they certainly don’t smell like that.
Urban Outfitters as their own line of perfumes with matching perfume, solid perfume and candle scents!  My favorite is the Pistachio Brûlée, it’s sweet without being too sweet and almost musky. The perfumes look like the Byredo ones which is why they caught my attention in the first place. I’m not sure if they smell like them.  These are $18!
Those are my faves and I will always have my eyes open for more.  Go look and grab a few, I hope you love them like I do! :))


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