Game changer !

I LOVE MY BEAUTY BLENDER!  I’ve tried the fake $5 dollar ones and quite frankly, using it was my punishment for trying to skimp.  They suck.  I am forever loyal to my beauty blender.  For Christmas I got this set with beauty blenders and the cleaner.  This sounds horrendous but I never really washed my beauty blenders before.   (yeeeeeeeks!) And I really thought the cleaners were a waste.  I would just buy a new one once it got super dirty and that was that!  I got this tan one in November and a month later it was filled with foundation.  This is not supposed to happen and it looked much older and grosser then is should have.  Above is the beauty blender washed with the cleaner and it looks brand new, does it not?!  I wish I had a picture of it before I washed it but take my word, it was gross!  I was blown away because I had just tried to wash it the other day with dish soap and coconut oil and nothing happened. The solid cleansing soap is magic.  It’s a bar of soap and all you do is rub the damp beauty blender against it and bam! its new.  It doesn’t even make sense how, it just is.   If you use beauty blenders daily like me, this is a MUST.  The solid cleaner is a game changer.  10/10.


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