Case for Athleisure

1. I looooovveeeeee athleisure. Hands down my favorite trend.  This is usually what I wear to class everyday or some variation of this.  As it gets colder the layers hop out; vest then michelin tire man coat.  
2. I have on Adidas NMDs.  I love these but I think I’ll stop at this pair.  I was reading an article on talking about how Nike Roshes had the same hype as NMDs when they were first released.  Now, everyone and their mom legit owns a pair and NMDs are probably going to follow suit. So for that, I prefer to stick with what is less mainstream. I want white ultraboosts next and I think they’re wayyyy underrated. 
3. Lululemons with the high-waist are the mother of all inventions. They make you look so so good and they suck everything in. I have on the high time pants because they’re the perfect length if you’re on the shorter side. Make that side be 5’4ish . 
4. I’m blonde again! I love blonde hair, especially on me.  I think this is the best blonde I’ve been yet. 
5. $3 tacos!

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