Gift Guide for the bougie college girl!

When I say gift guide for the bougie college girl, I mean me and everything I want for Christmas. hahahah. It’s funny going to school on the east coast because now is the first time I’ve ever seen west coast vibes in my style. I’m obsessed with shoes and clothes and beauty products so for anyone sorta obsessed with one of those things, this gift guide will work sooo good!
1. Northface vest. This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever owned a vest and I’m sooo obsessed. vest, hoodie, leggings and sneakers is what I wear everyday and then some before it gets way cold. 
2. Over the knee boots.  I have flat ones but I love the heel for going out. They come in black and taupe and I really love taupe. 
3. Love your melon beanie.  If you buy a beanie they give back a beanie to a kid with cancer! 
4. Madewell flare flutters. Love these jeans so much. 
5. Adidas hoodie.  I wear mine a ton. 
6. Adidas NMDs. I’m obsessed with these sneakers rn.  They’re hard to find especially online but that makes them a GREAT gift.  I suggest looking for kids sizes.  Cheaper and easier to find. 
7. Topshop Velvet Skirt. I need more in-between clothes. i.e what to wear between leggings and hoodies and full force going out clothes. 
8. Velvet Rebecca Minkoff bag. I’m obsessed w/ velvet at the moment. 
9. Marble phone case and heart phone case.  I think phone cases are one of the best gifts because sometimes I feel silly buying more if I already have a good one. 
10. Underwear is always a good gift when you’re in college because the more underwear you own, the longer you can go in between doing laundry.  truth. 
11. Chokers!! No such thing as too many!
12. Love this backpack and it comes in every color under the sun.
13. Velvet bodysuit. again with the velvet. 
14. Champion Sweatshirt. These are hard to find at the moment but I love. 
15. Quay black sunnies.  I have the gold and I love so get more right?
16. Lululemons are always good. And the high waist is my favorite. 

1. Oribe Dry texture spray: I’ve wanted to try the Oribe texture spray for so long because I have honestly only heard amazing stuff about it!  It’s around $44 a can and knowing me I’ll love it and will only want to use it. ugh.  This makes it a great gift!
2. Kylie Lip Kit: I’ll do another post about my Kylie lip kit and heres the thing; it’s not that great (it’s comparable/subpar to many other lipsticks) but theres something about owning it. Just one. So that makes it a good gift. I won’t buy anymore but if someone bought me one for Christmas I would be excited. 
3. Avene Peux Intolerantes: I got this face cream as a sample and its amazing!  It’s not the cheapest ($35) but I love it and it’s great for winter skin and eczema. The texture is great because it’s super creamy but light at the same time. Its awesome! I will be getting this for Christmas. 
4. Glam Glow: Great mask, great gift! 
5. Foreo: I have a clarisonic and a Foreo and I love this much more because it’s gentler and still exfoliates. (the clarisonic hurts my skin) 
6. Colourpop matte lippies: This brand is the same formulation as Kylie lip kit. (same factory, same shipping location, its the same!!)  It’s great and it’s cheap. I love the eyeshadows as well. (They’re $5 each and make great stocking stuffers)  I have so much good stuff to say about Colourpop! 
7. Moroccan Oil: Best hair mask. 
8. Bumble and Bumble primer: This is the best heat protectant!  I got a free full size one on black Friday so check their website for something similar. 
9. Wet Brush: The best and only brush you should own. Painless for tangles and I get hella. 
10. Jessie James Decker hair perfume: I WANT THIS SO BAD! I love her and her hair so much and this is supposed to be the best scent. 
11. Sunday Riley Martian toner: I got this as a sample at Sephora and my skin has been soo good since using it. It has a funky smell honestly but it’s worth it.  Also $54. I like all the expensive stuff :/
12. Becca highlighter: I love highlighter and this is THEE BEST.  Champagne pop is my favorite. 
13. Neutrogena Color sticks: This is the Neutrogena version of a chubby stick. They’re amazing and like $6!  Great stocking stuffer. 
14. Mac Lipstick: Great lipstick that isn’t crazy expensive. 
15. Nars Blush palette: Nars is holy grail blush and palettes are so exciting. 
16. Urban Decay setting spray. Essential but the bomb! 
17. Flowerbomb. Best perfume, EVER. love the smell and this is the prettiest bottle for the holidays. 
18. Kat von D tattoo liner: Lasts a long time. Best liquid eyeliner. 
19. Beauty Blender. When do you ever not need a new beauty blender?
20. Too Faced Neutral Eye Palette. This is the prettiest eyeshadow palette. 



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