NYC photo diary!

This wall practically begs you to come take a picture in front of it so I
 happily obliged… aaannndddddd did not realize till I looked at the picture after the fact that I look JUST LIKE the michelin tire man.  (love this coat so much tho)
I don’t go home to LA for Thanksgiving because its a short break so I come to see my cousin^ and aunt in the city.  I’m so blessed to have them! 

I love Union Square park and it’s little craft fair. So festive, everybody should go!   I also love candid pictures better than posed ones. 


I’m so happy with my hair at this point.  The length, color, I’ve perfected how I style it… and naturally now I wanna change it up again. Shame on me.

The prettiest mural in Little Italy! 

I’ve wanted to go to Kith for sooooo long and I’m obsessed. The girls store is legit the size of a shoe box but I’ll happily squeeze in for shoes. 
Adidas NMD / Nike Lunarcharge
Freakin Black Friday and nothing I bought was on sale. Such a me move. But I love both shoes I got!!! I still can’t get over the fact that I just walked into a store and found NMDs in my size.  The shoes look similar but I don’t even care and I obviiiii need to own both! 
Found these hammocks just outside the Flatiron building.  They’re held up by glowing poles so the lighting is great.  Good vibes. 


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