The bomb

I don’t have enough words to tell you how much I like taking baths!  They’re just one of my guilty pleasures because honestly I have lots. Haha.  I don’t get to take them at schools because there is only showers, and thats so ok because how gross would bath tubs in college be?  They’re definitely not a here thing so when I’m home or visiting family it’s a must.  Lush 10000000% has the best bath bombs!  They fizz when you put them in the water, they smell good and change the color of the water.   I have pretty sensitive skin, but I’ve had no problem with the Lush ones. The one I just got is from the holiday collection but they’re all the sameeee. I want to try one of their bubble bombs next because it adds color and bubbles to the water and I always need that in my life. 


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