13 things……

I’m trying to get back into this so here we go!
1. GO take selfies in the H&M dressing room because how good is that lighting?
2.  My mom is coming to visit me at school in 3 days and my heart is sooo happy!!!
3.  I binged watched the every season of US, Canadian and Australian Border Security on netflix in like, (hmmmm) 2 weekends… I vibe with the weird stuff on netflix.
4.  Theres not much else that upstages fall on the east coast.  I will forever be obsessed with the changing leaves. (aka will not shut up about how pretty they are.)
5. Pray for me because I get my bio exam back tomorrow.  I don’t have a science/ math brain.
6.  Every becca highlighter I own at the moment is cracked!!!!!!!!!!!!! One my fault, the other two not…. 🙁 They’re so fragile but they really are the best highlighters on the market at the moment.  Becca will be taking more of my money.
7. The lip liner from my Kylie lip kit broke, the liner literally fell out of the pencil.  So. not. cool. Kylie.  I’m loving colourpop and I say go for that instead of the Kylie stuff.  It’s all the same.
8. I’m up to 3 coffees a day!!!!!!!!!! Always/only with almond milk.
9. Olapex 3 is a game changer.  GO get it and trust.
10.  My clean laundry has been sitting in the basket for 2 days now.
11.  I coughed this weekend and the choker I was wearing snapped off and broke! uhhhh, HOW TIGHT MUST IT HAVE BEEN?
12. I was a reese’s for Halloween. People here consistently call them “reesies.” Wondering if its an east coast thing because they’ve always been Reese’s to me.
13. The fake oreos at trader joes are wayyyyy better than they should be. (get vanilla)



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