Thoughts on the Nordstrom Sale

Nordstrom sweater. Sub Urban Riot tee. Vintage Levis. Birkenstocks. (I’m obsessed with these)
So you probably know, its the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!  It’s sort of a big deal. I have a Nordstrom credit card so I got to see the stuff earlier then those without one.  Online, it’s impressive.  I didn’t go to the store before the 21st when it was not open to the public but I went yesterday (when it was) and idk friends, not that impressed.  Sale section was picked over, messy and lacking what I saw online.  Maybe it’s better to go when it’s just open for cardholders?  I feel like the sale is a chance to get rid of stuff so that they have room in the fall for what is newer, shinier and greater.  So make that stuff you want to get rid of 20% off and suddenly its new, shiny and great again! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Nordstrom but the sale pulls me in and gets me to spend money on the stuff thats probably NOT on sale. :////  I’m a sucker. 
Some of the stuff ON SALE is great; this is a great winter coat, these are the best bras, Stan Smith are essentials, and this beautiful dress that I have no where to wear. 
This sweater was part of the sale, but honestly, I probably wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t.  Annnnddddd I don’t love the color so I will be exchanging it for grey. (PLS DONT SELL OUT) The squad shirt was not on sale, and neither were the not pictured Quay sunglasses I bought.  I’ll post those later because I’m sooooo obsessed. 



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