A case for the choker

I love chokers!!!! I don’t wear them a ton, but I try to when I have the chance.  I think they’re the bomb with off the shoulder tops.   Chokers and off the shoulder tops go like traffic and the 405 around 6 o’clock.  Chokers make my neck itch and off the shoulder shirts always ride up but HEY, you do what you gotta do! Just like the freeway during rush hour. If you wear chokers right, they’re more edgy, chic then punk, which is what I aim for.   See here and here!  I like the thick chokers in a nude color like this.  I think the light color with the thick choker looks less collarish then one like this.  This one is calling my name, chilling in my shopping cart rn.
And ps; Shake Shack is in LA and I’M SO HAPPPPPY!

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