A case for black high top vans…

Express sweater, lululemon pants, Vans sneakers 
Sneakers have totally taken charge and won over the fashion world.  They’re everywhere and I say it’s my most favorite trend probably ever… up there with overalls and gauchos…. (I’m talking to those Limited Too ones I had that were green and tied at the waist… in like third grade.)  Now with sneakers being so worldly right now, the problem leads to originality and lack there of, really.  
It started with the wedge sneaker… Stan Smith and anything Adidas. White sneakers. Lets throw in the black Nikes that go with everything in there. (Ahem, Roshes)  The slip on sneaker.   The platform sneaker.  I’ve jumped on board with all of it.  I own multiples of all of it. But I want to feel like I have my own style.  I hate doing what everyone else does and I don’t want whats all over instagram.. but then maybe I do because I own all of it?  This year, I want to find my own way of doing everything. I like these high top Vans because they’re on trend but I feel like I can tackle it in my own way.  They’re super comfy and $55, I don’t know what they do wrong.  


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