cute but whaaaa?

Brandy Melville Tee // Paige jeans // Vans sneakers 
I feel like a cool tomboy in this outfit….I think its the shoes! And I dig it.  These shoes work with the black jeans because they’re both black.  Which is a KEY.  Match the color of your shoes to your pants if you want your legs to look longer.. and if you’re a lil chunk with short legs (ME) then you want that hella. So if you read my boob it says ‘Cute but Psycho.’ I saw this teeshirt on instagram and thought it was hilarious. (and maybe scary if you get close enough?)  And if you know me, you know that when I like something ( and want it) I talk about it a lot. aka I’m easy to buy gifts for.  So I talked a lot about this shirt and my friend got me it!!  It’s so soft!!!!! It’s funny because I’m totally not psycho. I promise.  I’m more reasonable go with whatever.  So fashion being a way to express yourself without talking?  Not running my way this time huh?  No, it’s following the crazy train. 


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