Beauty: 5 Uses for Lemons…

1. hot water and lemon! duhh! sorry I had to do this one.  it’s so good for you (and your complexion) and too easy not to include it! 
2.  spray in your hair before you find the sun for highlights! though I don’t recommend this often because it makes your hair dry.  focus on the pieces near your face. 
3. Lemon, coconut oil and sugar is a great exfoliant! your face will feel so soft after. 
3. Lemon, sugar and honey is a great lip scrub. (followed by LOTS of aquaphor.)
4.  lemon can lighten age spots and acne scars. dab on a bit before bed. 
5. mix 1/2 lemon juice and baking soda to make a teeth whitening paste.  brush on your teeth, let it sit for a minute and rinse.  I find this extremely helpful and easy.  
Go getcha citrus on! I’ve tried each of this before I can attest to all of them.  They work and they’re easy! GO lemons! 

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