Another one…

To file under my list of BAGS I REALLY FREAKIN WANT.  This Chanel bag is gorgeous. I stalk it on instagram, pinterest and even found videos on Youtube of it in motion.. to which I can say, it looks even better on the go.  I saw it in person, too.  Followed the person around for a little bit to get a good look! Bahah, totally normal.  She looked nonchalant about it… this bag would certainly add some pip to my step but hey, the shine is still there.  This bag is certainly a show stopper… I like it paired with a simple outfit..  as this bag is a talker.  Theres a darker metallic green color with the same iridescent metal and that one is…gnarly.  Fuels my love for green bags… though I’m not sure it qualifies as a neutral… a good option for a second or third bag. 😉 
2016 Chanel Cruise Collection 


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