Cookies of NYC!

When I was in NYC over Thanksgiving break I burdened myself with the task of finding the best cookie in NY!  I’m a total chocolate chip cookie girl.  They’re my favorite food and I’m happily obliged.
Insomnia Cookies – Chocolate chip, Chocolate M&M, Sugar.
  These are a 10 when it comes to convenience.  They can be delivered hot & fresh right to your door!  These weren’t my favorite… I was counting on these to be a hit, especially since they’re hot.  These are crunchy on the edges and chewy in the middle.  They’re good but not great I would say… Although I did prefer them the morning after rather then the night of delivery… which sorta defeats their purpose of a hot delivery.. I give them 3 stars.
By Woops Chocolate Chip Walnut.
I think this cookie is a stab at the Levain famous chocolate chip walnut… I’ve never had the Levain ones..(shame on me I know) This one was good, again not great… but I don’t love walnuts.  It did taste super fresh and was huge.  You can make a meal out of this cookie. Its has crunchy edges and a soft, chewy inside.  I give it 3.5 stars.  If you do find yourself at By Woops, try the peanut butter oatmeal cookie! (pictured below) Its a big and thick one which I loveeeeeee…. So good!!!!!
Maison Kayser – Chocolate chocolate cookie.
This cookie is for someone who lovessssss themselves some chocolate.  They have weird cookie combos like orange chocolate chip. This French restaurant is not a good choice to eat at…combo of bad service, small meal, lack of choices = still hungry and irritated.  The cookie wasn’t bad… I’d give it a 3.7.  Its a chewy chocolate cookie.
City Bakery – Chocolate Chip cookie
I’ve heard good things about City Bakery.  This cookie was delicious with great flavor.  It almost had the taste of pretzels on it’s crunchy outside paired with its chewy middle.  I give it 4.5 stars.  Next time, try the melted chocolate chocolate chip cookie… I’ve heard good things about that one.  I actually thought that was the only chocolate chip cookie they had.  But they’re two different kinds.  Below is the melted chocolate chocolate chip!
Rubyzaar Classic Rock cookie.
I got this cookie at a booth at the Craft Square in Union Fair and I was pleasantly surprised!  I love a cookie with some shopping! 😉 Makes for a hella happy me.  This cookie was chewy.  It had a buttery taste and I looovveeee butta. I give it 4.3 stars.
Penelope (on Lexington and 30th) – Chocolate chip cookie
This is a cute little place to get brunch!  Perfect to hop in, grab a cookie and go.  They have peanut butter blondies that smelt awesome.  This, too was a soft cookie.  I give it a 4!
And there we have it!  City Bakery looks like the winner. I know Levain and Momofuku are popular choices in NY.  I didn’t include the Levain cookies because everyone raves about how great they are, so you don’t need to read yet another review on them.  I’ve had Momofuku cookies before and they aren’t my thing. I don’t like the flavor.  I love soft and chewy cookies, everyone I tried mostly fell into that category.  The City Bakery cookie was great.. the one I got in Union Square is a good second.
I do have an honorable mention to report that isn’t a cookie…. Dun dun dun…
Dough Chocolate Cocoa Nib donut.
This donut was INSANE.  Like drop everything and go get one insane.  I was strolling through the Flatiron district looking for a place to eat brunch and happened to turn down a random street and found this gem.  I follow Eva Chen on instagram and she’s always posting pictures of Dough Donuts.   I was a little Starstruck when I found this place.  The dough tastes incredible and is so fresh.  And the chocolate.  Ahhh, can’t go wrong with a classic!  I give this 5 out of 5 stars.  SO GOOD.

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