Beauty Corner

While I don’t have much of a consistent beauty routine here, besides hella under eye concealer and chapstick, I love finding new skin care to try! (aka I’m a voracious beauty product collector always looking for something new to try ;)) I have always heard Glam Glow stuff was insanely good so when I got these as a gift, how excited was I?! Pretty excited. The white bottle is the face wash, it comes out black and then foams up which I love!! I have a prescribed face wash that I use as well but it doesn’t foam.  I use this one at least once a day.  It works well just on its own or on my clarisonic. (when I happen to charge it. hahaha.)  I found that this worked well for keeping my pores unclogged!
The orange container is the brightening face mask.  I don’t get too many zits, maybe one or two at a time.  (Lord Jesus, I had three the other day and hated life. 😫) I like this because I feel like I can have brighter skin with better texture! Especially during winter when its dry. I use it once a week after I shower. It works wonders when you do three days in a row.  But you’re face will be glowing raw if you do it that often. 


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