Stan my Man

Hello friends!  Soooooooo if you read my blog, you know that I’m a hardcore shoe gal.  Always talking about them, always wanting new ones.  I got the original white and green pair like a month ago after finally finding them in my size! They rocked in New York, especially with all the walking I did.  I know every girl who sorta likes fashion has them and they’ve reached the point of being over done, basic, typical but I don’t care.  I love them and they’re the most comfortable shoe ever.  (Are you thinking, “good cause you have 3 pairs.” ? hahah)  
So heres the story about these new two… Theres rose gold Stan Smith out (they’re called coppers but rose gold sounds classier ;)) and I went to 7 different stores in New York (Black friday weekend) trying to find them.  I figured if I can’t find them in New York then theres no hope, right? Well, I have weirdly small feet, 6.5 in Stan Smith (I’m actually quite proud) so no one had the rose gold in my size.  I tried on other colors but I didn’t love. I thought maybe white with rose gold accents.  But I wasn’t feeling it.  I especially didn’t want to settle because I really wanted the rose gold…or something better. The last store I decided to look in was the big Adidas store in Soho (theres 2!) and they didn’t have copper but I saw these two pairs.  I liked them because they were different looking and had texture.  They had shine but weren’t flashy like the rose gold. I looked at the price and they were only $34 each!!! So I was totally like I have to try them on thats so cheap… Figuring they probably would only have the massive sizes left….they had both so I got both!  Hahahaha. It ended up working out perfectly!  I only really wear black and grey now so these are perfect.  And honestly, if I’m shopping on Black friday I want a good deal.  So I got everything I wanted. Good day. 


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