Not so nailed it

So I got a Smith & Cult nail polish as a gift (in Regret the Moon, a light, lavender, white color) which I have been itching to try for a while.  I’m a nail polish junkie and am always on the search for a polish with superman lasting strength. I got a manicure on Tuesday with this polish and I was super impressed with it!  I loved the color, it was shiny and not too thick. 

So come along to Sunday, (not even a week later) and its not as impressive as it was on Tuesday.  The other hand had 1/4 of the polish left on my index finger. There were little cracks in the polish on all my nails, they’re just too small to see in the picture.   This is an $18 nail polish so I’m not sure if I’d get more.  I will say, they have amazing colors! Maybe I’d buy again if they were on sale on Gilt or something. 


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