New York Outfit Diary

Free People Blouse, Paige Jeans, PVL boots. 
 These booooooooooots. Ugh. My poor toes. 

These are the high time pants.  I love the length. 
Nike Sweater. Gap Vest. Lululemon Leggings. Stan Smith. 

Stupid Snapchat sticker. 
Gap Cardigan. Gap Sweater. Paige Jeans. Stan Smith. 

Bad pose but GOOD hair! 
Gap Tee. Paige Jeans. Stuart Weitzman Fifo boots. 
Ok so mirror pics are not the greatest but whatevssssss.  I like them.  And I have the balls to take them in the middle of stores now! (clap clap.)  So I only wear black now. Haha, grey on a special occasion.  I got black jeans while I was in NY and I either had those on or my Stan Smith at least everyday. I got two new pairs of Stan Smith, thats a story for another day.  If I like something I just keep buying it in different colors. (actually, shades of grey)  
It’s almost Christmas and I go home in 12 days and I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO excited. It’s been 5 months! :O I can’t wait to lie in my queen bed with an in n out burger in hand and my mommy next to me.  And the fact that I won’t have to wear 3 jackets to go outside. YAYYYYYYY. 


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