Gap Vest, Gap Sweater, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Stan Smith sneakers (2 YEARS LATER, I FINALLY GOT THEM.), Urban Outfitters Hat. 
SO vests are my new fave! I wear them everyday, seriously.  Over hoodies. With sweats. This picture documents the 5th time I’ve worn jeans while in college. I only wear joggers and lululemons. (to which I say screw it because lululemon leggings ARE pants.  they’re pants as long as I don’t see your actual butt because you’re wearing see-through leggings. which don’t qualify as pants.  no one ever do that again please.) SO the hat, I gotta tell you.  When I take mirror selfies in stores, I always grab a hat to wear….then never end up leaving the store with it. Hahaha. Maybe I’m just a great big weirdo.   The one in the last picture is just a hat I grabbed to try on, too.  I like them but I don’t commit because I don’t wear hats a lot.  Though, I really like this one.  I may will go back and buy it.  Then I can wear it to class with my vests and lululemon legging non see-through pants. Bahahahahhahah. 


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