B-Day Wishes


A birthday is the perfect excuse to talk about all the things you want! Mwahahaha. And since mine is today…. I have a list. ย I’m really blessed to have amazing family and friends so I’ve already gotten some really great stuff. ย But maybe I’ll buy something for myself! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like I don’t already buy myself a toooonnnn of stuff but this is an excuse… again not like I need an excuse.

This Rebecca Minkoff bag that I talked about here looks just like the velvet Chanel boy bag I talked about here. ย I have an apparent obsession with velvet and I really, really want this bag (actually the Chanel;)!!!ย 

I’ve wanted Stan Smith since my junior year of high school and I finally found them in my size! ย These shoes are all over the place.. I have the other Adidas ones with the black stripes and the front turned yellow which looks soo gross. Whatta perf time to find these…ย 

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